Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Super Bowl Recipe Ideas

I'm totally not into organized sports.  I'm not even gonna lie.  I like to kick and throw a football, but don't care to watch other people do it.

What I do like about football, though is that it often involves snacks.  I like snacks.

So, if you are going to a Super Bowl party this Sunday and need some recipe ideas, here's some crowd pleasers:

Lay out this crispy and delicious meat and let people assemble some mouthwatering tacos.  You will everyone's favorite person.

C'mon, it's February.  Makes some stew.  It's perfect football food.

Because you're worth it.  Yeah, maybe jog around the block earlier in the day to make up for this madness.

Yep, these are naughty.  They will please football fans, for sure!

I appreciate any opportunity to sneak in some veggies ;)

Don't be trifling.  Make this awesome & simple dessert.

This sock monkey could easily be modified to be a football guy.  I can picture it now.

Nobody will suspect a thing.  They'll only taste yummy-ness, not healthiness.

Another secretly "skinny" recipe.  Who doesn't love a cupcake?

Ok, enjoy the game or whatever.  Who are the teams again?  No matter.  I'm off to make something on this list.

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Jennie Louise said...

i do believe that football and superbowl (sports in general) are massive in the USA... how can you escape the hype??? LOL
like me - i love my food.
jennie. x