Wednesday, February 22, 2012

D.I.Y. Coffee Bean Necklace

Oooh, I love coffee.  
Let me count the ways.
 I'm so excited about this craft that I'm posting a gross pre-workout pic of me on the Internet.

Don't judge.  I'm just displaying my love of coffee.

So I asked my favorite local barista for a couple coffee beans for a craft.  She gave me a little cup of beans for free!  But then I bought a 5 dollar latte.  Sigh.

Well instead of drinking the essence of the coffee beans, I decided to make my own coffee bean necklace based on this inspiration (which is totally $40).

coffee bean necklace

Here's your supplies to make your own necklace:

  • Coffee beans
  • Jewelry findings (little rings for pendants~found at Walmart for $2)
  • Super glue
  • Spray paint (I used brushed nickel paint & clear glaze)
  • Necklace chain ( I used one I already had)

Step 1:  Clean your coffee beans with a damp cloth.  I did not do this and the waxy coffee bean resisted the spray paint, and I had to paint several coats.
Step 2:  Super glue the rings on the beans.

Not like this!  I realized after I glued them that the rings need to be turned sideways so the coffee bean will face forward when on a chain.  Head slap!
I had my two best craft helpers observing my every move.

Step 3: Spray paint the coffee beans and let them dry (again, note the WRONG direction of the finding rings), then put one on a chain.

This is after just one coat of spray paint.  See the resistance. 
How cute is this?  I love it :)
It's my new favorite necklace!
Forgive my wet hair.
There, that's better.


Marina said...

Renee, it's beautiful! I like it!

Michelle said...

I am a coffee addict and I love this, it's just too cute!

Unknown said...

Any word on how long this held up? Just wondering for gifts....