Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gift Idea Wednesdays: Hair Stuffs

I've never been big on hair accessories. I think I am trying to repress memories of growing up in the 80s with the big hair and big bows.

Exhibit A

*yes, I'm on a little zip-line thing. I am such a wuss that that was probably the only time I was ever on it.

I'm not sure why I am calling this exhibit A, when I really only have the one picture. I looked through some childhood pics last night thinking I'd find a ton of pictures documenting my big 80s hair or at least some giant bows. I guess we did not take many pictures of that sort of thing.

The bows were probably too big to fit in the frame of the camera lens.

Sad, but true.

Anyways, these hair thing-ys are way more understated and cute than my giant pink bow with trailing ribbons.

How many more days 'til Christmas? Oh, only 45!

Even if you were down to the wire on December 24th, you could make these three hair things and have an instant homemade gift. They are that quick and simple.

1st up: Lace Headband

All you need is some lace and like 2" of elastic of some sort.

Measure the lace around your head for an adult head (if you are making this for a kid you might want to measure a kid head or use one of their existing headbands as a guide), then sew the elastic to the two ends.

That's it.

Super quick gift idea #2: Jersey Braided Headband

Cut 3 strips of jersey fabric or an old t-shirt (that's what I used), braid, then tie to fit your head (or kid's head).

These are great for working out!

Last project: Button Bobby Pins

Hot glue some buttons to bobby pins.

So cute for little girl or a grown lady ;)

So, if you have 5 minutes, make one of these for yourself or for a gift.

In other news, Kelley over at The Grant Life is featuring lil' ole me and my chalkboard mug in her 10 gifts for under $10 gift series! Head over there and check it out :)


Kelley @ said...

I love all your hair ideas! I want to try the tshirt headband soon.. looks so cute. :)

PS.. Thanks for being a guest blogger at my site too!

sheno monkey said...

i love jersey braided :D the colour is so cute.