Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gift Ideas Wednesday: Hot/Cold Pack

Have you ever started working out hardcore after not working out for a while? Man, everything hurts.

That's why everyone should have a rice bag in their house.

It's also great for when your neck gets tense from a long day of work.

Or for a kid who has a boo-boo.

You can use it hot or cold for lots of different stuff.

So this would make a great gift for anyone you know. Better start making gifts! Only 52 days until Christmas.

I made this rice bag following this tutorial from V and Co.

You need:
*pretty fabric
*sewing machine

Cut the muslin into 2 14"x7" rectangles. Sew up the sides and bottom and leave the top open.

Fill with rice (I used the whole bag) and sew it up.

Cut your pretty fabric into the following pieces:
14" x 7"
10" x 7"
8" x 7"

Sew the 8"x7" and the 10"x7" pieces together to make a long rectangle. Then sew the long rectangle and the 14"x7" to it inside out except for the top.
It should look like this:

Hem the top and sides so you don't have fraying.

Slide the rice bag in and you are done!

When I make this for someone, I usually include instructions to heat the bag for 30-45 seconds for a hot pack or throw it in the freezer for 2 hours for a cold pack.


Katie2SS said...

This is cute. I love the pattern you chose. Following you back!

NanAppetit said...

Cute! So much classier than a bag of frozen peas :)

Stephanie said...

I have one of these and love it! Great idea to use cute fabric!

Terri said...

Just the thing for my daughter! She do have boo-boos.
Thanks for sharing the tut!

Anonymous said...

Mine is scented and I LOVE that. Use essential oils to scent your rice or include cloves.

Jennifer said...

I'm confused. I'm not s huge seamstress. What is the point or use of sewing those first 2 pieces together? why would I not just already cut a piece of fabric the length of the 2 I put together? That probably isn't making sense. =( But I looked at your picture of the "backside" and you showed where you sewed the first 2 pieces together. why did you do that? why did you not just cut 2 pieces of material like you did with the muslin?
I think I get the concept of trying to make a pocket for the muslin rice to go into, but it's not at all clear to me in the pictures. I'd really like to make this for a friend of mine, but I just don't get it. =(