Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up and a Rustic Christmas Wreath

Hi all! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend ;)
Mine was full of good stuff.

Wednesday we celebrated my husband's birthday with tequila and a giant, sequined purple sombrero at our favorite Mexican restaurant (he'd kill me if I posted the pic of him, so just use your imagination).

Thursday, my mom and I did the Turkey Trot, a 4 mile course.

Then we had some turkey and stuff.

Friday we did a super fun crafty get together with my awesome cousins. I'll get to that later in the post.

I ate a bunch of these babies:

So good. But so naughty...

Ok, I also decided I needed a wreath.

So, I thought I'd share that with you:

Here's what I did to make this super easy decor (took about 20 minutes or less).

*Ok, so you need a wreath form (I used pipe insulation from Lowe's that I got for $1.92--awesome idea from The Penny Parlor)

*You also need some burlap. Maybe like a yard, but I'll get to that.

*Some wreath bling. I used frosty cranberries and some decorative potpourri stuff.

*Also, a sewing machine and hot glue gun (not pictured).

1. Get your wreath form ready. Cut it. I didn't really need to do this because I just took the tape of my pipe insulation that I had in a wreath form. This will make it like a hundred times easier to put the burlap on.

2. Lay out your burlap. If you have cats, they will sit on it. Distract them with something shiny and continue on.

3. Ok, so I cut one long strip (3 yards long-but I trimmed off about a foot, so you do the math. It is not my forte). My strip was 10 inches wide.

4. Fold the strip vertically, or "hot dog" style. Sew along the strip. Is this confusing? I'm going to draw a diagram.

Ok, I hope that is helpful.

5. Now you have a long burlap tube. Put it on your wreath form, tape your wreath for back together and scrunch the burlap.

6. Hot glue whatever pretties you want to put on your wreath and hang :)

What? That was too easy.

At our crafty get together, two of my cousin's made some pretty awesome wreaths that I wanted to share with you.

Rachel wrapped burlap strips overlapping around the whole wreath, then hot glued some ornaments and cranberries and added red and gold ribbon. Love it!

Chelsea got super crafty and wrapped the wreath in green and red felt, made some felt ruffles and added some strands of felt Christmas lights.

Both of these wreaths were made using pipe insulation, too.

Ok, this post was really long! I hope it inspired you to make a crafty wreath for your home.


Kelley @ said...

ohhh.. what great wreaths! I love all three. Ill have to get some of that insulation.. its all the rage in wreath making now. Lol.

Glad yall had a great Thanksgiving Renee :)

Kayla's Creations said...

I love all of these wreath Ideas they are so pretty! =)

Shannon's Tales of Motherhood said...


I'm your newest GFC follower! I'm coming from week 35 of Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop!

I love your blog! The wreath came out very cute!

Please feel free to swing by my blog to follow as well!

Shannon's Tales of Motherhood -



R @ Rebecca's Roundup said...

Love it!

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