Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thrifty Earring Makeover

Please forgive my bloggy absence.  I have been having trouble getting it all together this week.  Just having one of those I don't have enough time/motivation kind of weeks.  

Well, I have a fun little jewelry makeover for you today :)

My dad is a yard sale junkie and is constantly picking up things like giant Ziploc bags full of random jewelry for like a buck.  So, if you happen to come across a giant Ziploc of cheesy baubles, it might be worth taking them home.
There are lots of cool ways to make over this sort of jewelry, but I'm mainly going to focus on two: acrylic paint and Sharpies.  I also tried Mod Podge and glitter and it was kind of a fail.  The glitter kept getting everywhere and it required multiple coats.  So I discarded those~no harm, no foul.
Check out these super 90's plastic earrings.  These can be made more funky and modern with just a black and silver Sharpie marker.  
Here's the after:
Super funky, no?  I actually did them double sided, one side with swirlies and one side with zig zags.
Next is my personal fave, inspired by Alisa Burke.  
 Chevron earrings!  Chevron is all the rage right now, so grab some acrylic paint and free hand (or meticulously measure) some chevron stripes.
Oh, by the way, my cousin Chelsea took the blue polka dot earrings seen in the center of the 2nd photo and turned them into cool giraffe earrings.  Rock on, Chels :)
 Sooo, everyone should head out to the yard sales and thrift stores and make some statement jewelry.

Have a great day!


Kelley @ said...

Ha! I love them! Your so crafty!!

" me " said...

cool idea!!!

Mindie Hilton said...

Cute, thanks for sharing at Bacon Time!