Monday, April 23, 2012

The Big 3-0

It was my original plan to let my 30th go unmentioned.  I decided I was just going to pretend it wasn’t happening.  Well, people kept reminding me, so I guess I’ll just embrace it.

I’m thirty now, folks (and I don’t want anyone to call it “dirty 30,” because that is really weird and sometimes creepy).

As I’m sure you know, I love to read blogs.  A lot of blogs have lists of 30 things they want to do before they are 30.  That’s pretty ambitious if you ask me.  I suppose I could come up with 30, but I don’t want to make a list I can’t finish.

So, of course, I started panicking, thinking I needed to accomplish at least one life goal in the last days of my 20’s. That’s just silly.  Even though I’m not where I thought I’d be at age 12, doesn’t mean that I haven’t accomplished a lot already: I got married, bought a house, started a blog, graduated college and perfected the art of iced coffee. 

There are some things I have learned in my 30 years on planet Earth that I wish I knew when I was younger, and I thought I’d share them with you:

Be yourself
It is totally okay if people don’t like you.  It has taken me all of my 30 years to get to that realization.  Do what you love to do, even if other people think it is weird or whatever.  Do not try and adapt your tastes to other people, adopting their interests as your own.  It’s cool to learn and try new things that friends like, but do not change yourself for them.  And seriously, do not dumb yourself down.  Be smart, speak eloquently and love who you are.

Empower yourself
Don’t wait around for someone to do it for you.  Yes, it is important to have a support system, but you have to believe in yourself.  This one is tough, but what I basically mean is set a goal and try to meet it.  If you want to be a trapeze artist, start making a plan.  Research trapeze artists, find out the necessary steps, start training, etc.  Don’t get discouraged when things go wrong.  Keep going.  You are stronger than you think you are, and you create your own destiny.

Take care of yourself (health wise)
Put good foods in your body and be as active as you can be.  Yes, cake is awesome and lounging on the couch rocks, but that stuff is fleeting.  This is the only body you get, so you better take care of it.  I wish I had realized this earlier in life, as I was kind of a lazy kid and teenager.  I was the kid who sat on the sidelines while other kids were active (Did anyone else bring notes to be excused from gym class or was that just me?).  So, even though working out sucks some days and salad is so not what you are in the mood for, remember it is all for the greater good.  And, of course, some days are made for cake, so don’t completely deprive yourself of indulgences (in moderation):


Lily Bean said...

happy birthday! thanks for the tips too =D

Gloria said...


I agree with your list, each one!

LatherBeSoaping said...

Happy birthday, Renee!

I enjoyed your list, too - those are all good life lessons.

Kelley @ said...

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Renee! Happy birthday to youuuuuuuu!!

And Im totally jealous you've mastered the iced coffee.. totally jealous.

Renee-The Hungry Monster said...

Thanks for the comments. Maybe I'll post an iced coffee how-to someday soon, Kelley :)