Monday, August 27, 2012

Duct Tape Flower Pen Tutorial

Remember how this is a cooking and crafting blog?  The answer to that is probably "no," because it has been so long since I got my craft on!
I'm slowly getting my crafty mojo back with some simple crafts (like this safety pin bracelet).  
This easy, duct tape flower pen is really fun and perfect for back-to-school time!
I received this awesome zebra and green duct tape pen from my super sweet and talented 11 year old niece, Kaelyn.
Here she is now!
Well, K totally inspired and led this entire tutorial.  I just took the pics.
So, take it away, girl!

Supplies needed:
2 coordinating colored/patterned rolls of duct tape (you can find these at Walmart, Target or crafty stores)
X-acto knife (make sure you supervise children or clumsy adults when using sharp objects!)
A regular ink pen
A cutting mat (or something you can safely cut on without damaging your table)

Step 1: Measure your pen & cut tape
 Lay your pen on a strip of duct tape and cut a piece to wrap around it, leaving a little excess at the top of the pen.

Step 2: Wrap it up!
Wrap the pen in the duct tape and trim excess with scissors.
 Pinch it closed, like this:

Step 3: Make your petals
Take your coordinating duct tape and measure out some 4" strips.  You can either do one at a time, or get a couple petals ready for assembly at one time.  

Take the strip and fold the top corner over to make a triangle, leaving a little strip of tape on the side.
Fold it again in another triangle, using the extra bit of sticky tape to seal it.
Then lay your pen down and wrap the petal around it.
 Like this!
Then you basically just repeat this process, switching up duct tape patterns/colors so you have a nice layered effect.
I actually like how it looks better with the pattern as the base, as seen in this one.
So, I wrapped a little strip of star patterned tape around this one to finish it.
Ain't it cute??!!

A big thanks to my niece for this exciting craft & fun times ;)

See y'all Wednesday with What I Ate Wednesday!!


Kara @ Petals to Picots Crochet said...

What a cute idea! My daughters will love this idea :)

Renee-The Hungry Monster said...

Thanks for the comment, Kara! I hope y'all try it out; it was super fun to make ;)