Friday, August 3, 2012

The Easiest Bread

Fresh, crusty bread is always welcome in my house.  Well, unless I'm cutting carbs.  Then, keep it away!  Buuuutt, I needed bread on this day.
I have no bread maker or fancy ingredients.  Good thing those things are not required here.  In fact, you don't really need a stand mixer or food processor.  You can just mix the dough with your hands if you like and knead it until it is elastic-y.
That's a word.
In retrospect, I would have brushed this loaf with melted butter and cracked some sea salt on it before I popped it in the oven.  Don't be like me.

The Easiset Bread
makes 1 loaf

2-1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 packet yeast
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup warm water
Olive oil, for greasing
*Optional--melted butter & sea salt for topping

In the bowl of your stand mixer (or food processor, in my case) pour warm water {110-115 degrees} and sprinkle in one packet of rapid rise yeast. Let the yeast bloom for 5 minutes. Grease a large bowl with olive oil.

Meanwhile, in a medium bowl measure and mix the flour with the kosher salt.

Stir the flour into the yeast-water until just combined. Using a dough hook, mix until the dough is smooth and tacky.  Or just hit the dough button on the food processor until it forms a ball.

Place the dough ball in the oiled bowl. Place a damp towel (or loose plastic wrap) over top and place the bowl in a warm area to rise for about an hour.

Punch  the dough and form a log of dough on a baking sheet.  *Brush with melted butter and cracked sea salt and slide into an cool, un-preheated oven. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees (while the loaf is in the oven) and set the timer for 30-35 minutes.  The loaf will rise a bit more while the oven is preheating.
Adapted from Simply Scratch

Brie happened.
Wine in my Garfield mug happened.  
Just keeping it classy, folks.

Happy Weekend to ya'!

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