Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WIAW: Change of Plans

Peas and Crayons
Gosh, I wish I had something to say about summer staples that I haven't already said, but I am drawing a blank.

Oh, well.  Just look at my food.  I'm sure you'll get a feel for my staples.

Breakfast Numero Uno: Luna
I ate half of this Luna bar on the way to 5 a.m. boot camp.  We did some killer circuit work and I'm already feeling it.

Breakfast Numero Dos: Egg, Toast, Smoothie
For my sit down breakfast, I had an over easy egg on some whole grain toast with a strawberry, banana, pineapple smoothie.  And coffee, of course.  See my pretty flowers?  My Nana got those for me :)

Snacky Snack: Fishes & Cheese
Oh, I love the fishes...'cause they're so delicious.  Yum, this snack is one of my favorites.  A flavored cheese wedge and pretzel Goldfish.

Lunch: Garbage Salad
Another incredibly attractive salad happened at lunch time.  I had some spring mix lettuce with feta cheese, banana peppers, ground (lean) beef, quinoa and tzatziki sauce.  It was pretty tasty, but not exactly photogenic.

Snack for the P.M.: Grapes
Um, this is my annoyed is-it-time-to-go-home-yet face.  And, yes, I am wearing a Cinco De Mayo t-shirt to work.  Don't hate.

Dinner: Mexican Food
I had no plans to eat out and was going to make lettuce wraps, but we decided to grab some Mexican food after a family photoshoot where my nephew refused to smile.  Sigh.  I split a dish with my Ma and had this corn tortilla tostada and $1 draft beer (yes please!).
Way to wrap up the day ;)
In case you want to see one of the photo masterpieces from our photoshoot, here it is:
such a happy camper

Hope everyone has a great week!

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