Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quick and Easy, No-Sew Wardrobe Refashion

Yesterday, armed with a pair of scissors, I was inspired to make something happen. There was one item of clothing that I just could not get rid of, but also did not feel comfortable wearing in public.
The dreaded tunic shirt:

Blech. I just don't like the look of this. And what is up with that cowl neck? Weird!
A while back, I bought this tunic shirt online thinking it would look cute with some leggings. Come to find out, tunics are not very flattering on me. Like some women, I have a spare tire situation around my middle and it seems like this tunic highlited that for all to see.
Well, I like the feel of the shirt/tunic. It is jersey material and is super comfortable. So, when I cleaned out my closets purging all of the things I never wear, this frock somehow was spared from the donation bags.

Ok, so let's get cutting. First I chose a shirt that I like the length of and laid it over the tunic (Apparently I'm not afraid to post a wrinkly, inside out shirt for all of the Internet to see. My mother would be so proud):

Then I cut off the bottom of the shirt. I tried to follow the stripe.

Then, since I don't have many sleeveless tops, I laid down my black shift dress as a guide for the sleeves.
Don't be afraid to cut it up! Otherwise it will just hang in your closet until you finally decide to toss it.

And here's the end result:

Hey, look at that. A fun summertime shirt from a lame tunic! I had to leave a little cowl, because that is how the shirt was cut. I did not need to sew any hems because jersey does not fray. Well, hopefully this inspires people to take scissors to unworn clothes, but even if it doesn't at least I got a new top out of the deal!

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