Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Ice Cream Is Bananas

I buy bananas every week. However, I don’t always eat bananas every week so many are banished to the freezer until I feel like making some banana muffins or something. This recipe is a great use for those frozen bananas. By the way, I try to freeze them without the peel, because it is super hard to remove once frozen. So a few days ago I put my ever ripening 1 ½ bananas in a Ziploc and popped them in the freezer. So today, my friends—I am making ice cream.
This is the easiest, healthiest and tastiest homemade faux ice cream you will ever have. Truth. It has a soft-serve consistency, but you can always pop it back in the freezer to get a little firmer if you like.

Banana Mocha Coconut “Ice Cream”
Makes 1 big serving or 2 small servings

Here’s your ingredients:

1-2 bananas (I used 1 ½ medium bananas)
¼ c shredded coconut (I also keep this in the freezer)
Chocolate syrup to taste (I used sugar free)
Pecans or other nutty topping (not pictured)

Blend the 1st 3 ingredients in mini food processor. Top with pecans. Eat it up!

This recipe is great if you are dieting, if you are out of ice cream or if you are lactose intolerant or vegan. You can make any flavor combination that you like. I’ve tried this with peanut butter and bananas, and it is awesome. Also, if you really plan ahead, caramelize some bananas, freeze them and then add them to your “ice cream” for a new depth of flavor.

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