Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm Reading Wednesdays

What I just read:

Good Enough to Eat
I really liked this book about a woman’s journey towards health and happiness. The main character loses 145 lbs, opens a healthy food takeout store and then her husband leaves her for a woman twice her size. She starts every chapter with a food memory and ties it somewhere into her future. A really good read and something every woman can relate to.
Next on deck:

Friendship Bread
My mom said I have to read this book. I haven’t started it, but am looking forward to trying a new author. And frankly, anything to do with bread is okay by me.

Bitter is the New Black
Love love love Jen Lancaster! I avidly read her blog and have read all of her other books. The only reason I have not read this one is the library had it checked out for a long time. Sorry, Jen, I’m too cheap to buy books! Anyways, looking forward to more of her hilarity to brighten my days.

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