Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Reading/Watching Wednesdays

What I just read

This was Jen’s first book and it is great how all of her books maintain the same quality of writing and humor. Some authors lose their ability to effectively uphold their level of realism and integrity when writing several memoirs (*cough* Chelsea Handler). This book takes you into Jen’s life as she is laid off by a dot com company after 9/11 and her struggles to find work and manage finances. Doesn’t sound like it would be funny from my last sentence, but very hilarious, indeed.

What I’m currently reading

I’m steadily getting through this book. It follows the lives of several characters in a small town all brought together by a sort of chain letter inspired recipe for friendship bread. I’m enjoying it thus far and kind of have to make a starter dough for friendship bread now.

Next book in my pile is

This is a young adult book and I have all three books (it is a trilogy) ready for reading. I find that a lot of the YA books have more interesting and original ideas than some of the current novels gracing our library shelves.

What I’m watching

This has become one of my favorite shows! I sound kind of crazy as an almost 30 year old woman watching a show about teenagers, but it is really addicting. I first heard about this show on Jen Lancaster’s blog and headed over to Netflix Watch Instantly to check it out. They have like 5 seasons of this show and it is still ongoing. I love finding a “new” show to watch that already has a bunch of seasons, so that I can obsessively watch them back to back. This show reminds me of Beverly Hills 90210. It’s about teens, I suppose, but the content does not really seem appropriate for teens. They address topics like premarital sex, teen pregnancy, religion, abortion, etc. Well, I guess they do a public service announcement about talking to your parents about sex. Anyways, I’m drawn in by the characters. To watch them evolve over 5 seasons is really engaging. I would recommend this show to anyone who is looking for a new show and has Netflix. The movies on Netflix are usually pretty random and lame (with a few exceptions), but it is great to have several seasons of shows to watch at your leisure.

Why am I just now hearing about this show? My husband heard about it listening to a talk radio show and mentioned it to me. We have been anxiously awaiting the return of Dexter in September, which is our favorite show to watch together. This show is kind of on that level. It’s dark and explores a world that seems so foreign to us. The premise of the show is that a 50 year old high school chemistry teacher finds out he has cancer and starts to cook crystal meth to raise money to leave behind for his family. The show kind of takes you on a journey with this dude. The role is played by Bryan Cranston who played the dad on Malcom in the Middle. He was so great on that show, too! Anyone remember the roller skating episode?

Ok, random. Well, watch Breaking Bad. Start from the beginning. You can thank me later.

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