Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Make It for Mothers' Day

Mothers (or mother figures) are the best, aren't they?

It's important to have a mother figure in your life and it's even more important to appreciate her!!  Luckily, Mothers' Day is this Sunday!  You have just enough time to DIY an awesome gift for a special woman.

God, we are sitting like the exact same way.  This happens a lot!

I'm very lucky that my Mom is a great mom, a super awesome friend and my biggest fan!  Love you, lady!

Please do me a favor and don't get your mom a candle for Mothers' Day.  She really doesn't need another one.

I think she'd like it better if you made her something!  I have a bunch of simple ideas for you :)
Just click the bold purple text of projects below to go to the tutorial pages.

Maybe you could paint her a shirt:

Or, try a freezer paper stencil shirt or a reverse applique shirt.  Modify the designs to your mom's tastes.

Is your mom into yoga and exercise?  Sew her a yoga mat bag!
Or make her a rice bag for sore muscles!

A cute tote for her library books or paperwork would probably be much appreciated, also:

Maybe your ma needs some pampering.  This foot soak takes about 2 seconds to make:

What mother doesn't need a chalkboard mug?  
These are just a few of my favorite projects that you could quickly make for your mothers, grandmother, aunts, etc.  For more ideas, check out my crafts page.

Or if you aren't feeling too crafty, make a homemade treat to share!

Or check out my recipe tab and healthy tab at the top of the page.

Happy Mothers' Day, all!

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