Friday, March 9, 2012

March Photo-A-Day Roundup

Well, it has been a little over a week of photo-a-day, and I am loving it!

Last week, I posted about the March Photo-A-Day Challenge.  Here's the list if you need a reminder:

Here's what I have to show so far:

Day 1: Up
Well, I went the obvious route & simply looked up in the sky.  Does anyone else see the rubber duckie in the clouds?

Day 2: Fruit
I love smoothies, as I'm sure I've mentioned before.  This was my breakfast ;)

Day 3: Neighborhood
A shot of our neighborhood.  I hid back near the carport to take this pic.  We are still new to the neighborhood, so I don't want to immediately come across as the crazy girl taking pictures crouching on the driveway.

Day 4: Bedside
Baby the cat is most likely in this spot first thing in the morning, while Boscoe paces around me meowing for me to get up.  I'm also spoiled by this eye mask.  I used to need it because the street light shone right in our apartment window, but now I'm so used to wearing it I can't stop!  Oh, by the way, this book Birthmarked is excellent ;)

Day 5: Smile
Meet my youngest nephew!  He is such a happy baby.  This was right after he woke up.  How great would life be if we all woke up as happy as this child?!

Day 6: 5 pm
On the way home everyday, I get to see the horses at Shelby Farms (a large park that I pass daily).  Even if my day was crappy, seeing the horses always makes me smile :)

Day 7: Something You Wore

I kind of had high hopes that I'd get my chance to do a fun, fashionable wardrobe post for this picture.  But Day 7 rolled around and I was wearing what I usually wear~workout pants and running shoes, so I went with it.  I actually wear some variation of this combo more often than not.  I walk on my lunch break at work as often as possible, so I like to be prepared.  I'm very lucky we have no standard of dress in our office, whatsoever.  My shoes are Nike Dual Fusion, in case you want to know. 

Day 8: Window

Nobody loves a window more than this guy.  Here's Boscoe wedged in between the window and the blinds.

Day 9: Red

I don't even think this needs an explanation.  Target clearly sucks me in and takes all my money!

That about does it for this week.

Has anyone else been doing the challenge?  It's never too late to start :)

Have a great Friday!

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