Friday, March 16, 2012

March Photo-A-Day Round Up #2

Time for this week's picture round-up!
Day 10: Loud

Every Saturday at 12 pm, they test the sirens in our area.  Our dogs (I say "our" because they live with my parents, but I call them "my" dogs), Finny (right) and Madmartigan (left) love to howl when the sirens are going off.  Then they have bark wars, barking back and forth for a few minutes.  It's pretty entertaining.

Day 11: Someone You Talked To Today

My 6 year old nephew is just about the most hilarious person I've ever met.  I caught him playing chicken with his shadow this weekend and just had to snap a pic.

Day 12: Fork

I might have cheated on this photo and recycled a pic from my Blood Orange Pancakes post.  I actually had oatmeal that morning, eaten with a spoon, so there was no forking around (what?).

Day 13: Sign
I struggled with this photo prompt.  I pass about a million signs on the way to work, but they are mostly road signs (boring).  This daredevil in front of my car inspired me to whip out my camera.  I mean, really?  Mobile sharpening?  That seems really dangerous.  Check out the right corner sign.  Hopefully nobody will flag a vehicle full of knives down in search of an ambulance (lol)!

Day 14: Clouds

I could take pictures of clouds all day.  They are so pretty and ever changing.  It amazes me when there are the beams from the sun shining through~so majestic.  Next to my cats, this is my favorite photo subject ;)

Day 15: Car
Um, yeah.  My car is a total old lady car.  I am actually the 3rd generation to drive this car.  It was my Nana's, then my Mom's and now mine.  I know the prompt just says "car" so I could have taken a pic of any car, but I seriously didn't see any cool cars that day.  Let's pretend I took a picture of like a Camero from the 60s or 70s.  I love those.  Anyways, this is just a detail shot of my awesome ride.  Don't be jealous! ;)

Day 16: Sunglasses
I got these sunglasses last year at Target for a buck.  I love how fun they are!  Speaking of fun, check my St. Patty's day accent nail!  

That's it for the round up this week.  
Here's the list I'm going from:

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