Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo Challenge Round Up #3

Day 17: Green

Eeek!  I am totally afraid of bugs (irrationally so), but this one was really cool looking.  Love how it looks like leaves, and the color is so vibrant.  This was taken on the back door of our office building.  My dad said it is called a luna moth.  It was huge, by the way-about the size of my hand!

Day 18: A Corner of Your Home

You may recognize my skinny paloma cocktail in this picture.  I enjoyed sipping it while watching Project Runway Allstars.  My computer monitor sits in the corner of our home office.

Day 19: Funny

I love seeing animals dressed up, like Doctor Octopus (cat from The Dainty Squid).  Um, yeah.  My cats were not gong for this at all.  They both (Baby, right/Boscoe, left) acted crazy when I tried to put sunglasses on them.  These are the best shots of that disaster!

Day 20: Before & After
Does anything taste better than fresh pineapple?  I'm thinking not.  This is my fruit prep for the week, but it probably won't last that long!

Day 21: Delicious
This week I made my first attempt at making pan seared scallops and they turned out great.  Melted some Smart Balance butter in the pan with some fresh garlic and seared those babies up.  Served with salad, broccoli and risotto~YUM!

Day 22: Kitchen Sink
Dip dying a shirt in the sink here.  It turned out awesome & you will definitely see the results on the blog this coming week ;)

Day 23: Moon
Ummm, okay.  I did not remember to go outside at night and take a picture of the moon, nor did I go to the store to buy a Moon Pie this week.  So, I'm giving myself a pass on this picture!  It's been a long week ;)

Well, hope everyone has a great weekend.  Got a delicious cake recipe coming at ya' tomorrow!

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