Friday, March 1, 2013

Photo An Hour

Hey hey hey!  It's Friday, everyone!

Who doesn't love a good photo challenge?

I'm sure there are people who don't, but I love 'em!

So, tomorrow (Saturday), I am going to take to my Instagram and post a picture for each hour (here's an example of how it's done from How Sweet It Is).

I've been wanting to do it all week, but I thought 8 straight hours of my work desk would be pretty boring ;)

Please check it out and certainly follow me on the ole Instagram & I will follow you back!

I'm going to use the hashtag #photoanhour

Fair warning...there's gonna be lots of cat pictures!

And food pics, of course!

If I like how it turns out, I will post a recap next week.

**Oh, if you don't have a smart phone with instagram, you can just view pics here:

Happy weekend, everyone!

Links I love:
These everything bagels must be mine.
Lower back stretches!  A must for this gal!
I could always use new ways to make quinoa: 13 Quinoa recipes
I'm perfectly aware that it is nowhere near Halloween, but I watch this pumpkin dance like once a week.  It makes me happy for reasons unknown.
I am mos def making these healthy cookies (2 words that don't usually go together!)

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