Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIAW: 2 Ingredient Pancakes

Peas and Crayons

Well, hello there.  Fancy meeting you here, eh?
Time again to see what I ate on Tuesday...on a Wednesday.
Lots of good stuff to show you.  Let's get to it.

Breakfast, Part I: PB Toast
Back to the old classic of having peanut butter toast before 5 a.m. boot camp workout.  This was Smart Balance crunchy on some 45 calorie bread.

Breakfast, Part II: 2 Ingredient Pancakes!
So, these pancakes.  They are made with 1 banana and 1 egg.  That's it!  How crazy is that?  I've been wanting to try them for sometime since I see them on Carrots & Cake blog often.
I just blended up a mashed banana with 1 whole egg and I added in a bit of baking soda and cinnamon.  Technically I guess that makes it 4 ingredients, but whatever.
Then you just scoop out four pancakes on your griddle and flip them (oh, so carefully) when browned on the first side.  They taste like caramelized bananas.
I topped it with some Bees Knee's honey peanut butter, sugar free syrup, strawberries and walnuts.  Yum yum!  Coffee on the side, obvi.
Check out that fancy plate!  Ha.  Paper plates leftover from the Superbowl makes doing dishes much easier ;)

Morning Snack: Luna Bar
I realize my breakfast probably did not have as much protein as I needed after a strength/cardio workout, so I packed a Luna for snack.  This is a good one, y'all.

Lunch: Bento Box
It's the return of the bento box!  It's been a while since I packed lunch in my cute little box.
Today's lunch had a Flat Out wrap (light tomato flavor) smeared with goat cheese and filled with deli turkey, roast beef and lettuce.  I dipped my carrots in plain Greek yogurt with a ranch seasoning packet (not a whole one, mind you) and had strawberries for dessert.
That's a lie.  I had these for dessert:
But I also ate the strawberries, know.  Yay healthy balance!

Afternoon Snack: Greek Yogurt & Berries
A few WIAWs ago, I talked about this yogurt being my new favorite snack.  Well, I branched out and tried some new flavors this week.  I had the honeyed apricot and the blueberry.  This is obviously the blueberry.  It was really tasty.  I added some fresh blueberries in there, too.

Dinner; Bangers & Mash
So far, I've asked 3 people if they knew what "bangers & mash" was, and they have laughed and said "no."  It's a British dish (not that I've ever been out of the country, but I own a television) of sausages and mashed potatoes.
I was inspired by that and made my own, healthy version.  We'll start from the bottom and go up.  I sauteed some fresh spinach in garlic, shallots and olive oil then made some mashed sweet potatoes (mixed with goat cheese, broth, seasoning).  The sausages are low fat chicken sausage links that I found at Target.  For only 180 calories per sausage (pictured is one sausage sliced lengthwise), It was a super filling and low cal dish.
 Here it is, all chopped up.
Felt like I should try something different for dinner.  It turned out to be a pretty good plan.

Dessert: Fro Yo!
I had to run some errands last night, and that included eating frozen yogurt with lots of toppings.  This is TCBY's white chocolate mousse topped with Oreo, Butterfinger, sprinkles, cookie dough bits and hot fudge.
Worth it.

Alrighty, y'all have a lovely Wednesday!

If you missed it, I made some stuff this week.

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