Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bento Love

Guys, I'm head over heels for a four dollar lunchbox.

If you haven't heard of a bento box, it is basically just a little lunchbox with dividers based on Japanese Bentos.  This lovely invention has changed the way I look at lunch.

Lately, I want my lunch to be pretty.  And colorful.  I don't just throw a bunch of random stuff in my lunchbox.  With my bento box, I like to have a plan.

So without further ado (because you know I'm all about the ado), here's some examples of my bento creations as of late:
turkey, spinach roll up with guacamole/leftover veggies/strawberries

spaghetti squash with black bean & corn salsa and grilled chicken, broccoli & berries

turkey, cheese, wheat crackers, carrots & hummus and some cherries

almond butter and banana on wheat bagel thin/cherries and nectarine slices/cucumber spears (and you know I'll have some hummus on the side)

light chicken salad, wheat crackers/broccoli/mango chunks and half of a pumpkin (Paleo) muffin w/ some strawberry cream cheese

leftover sausage, veggie hash with feta/cherries/chocolate Teddy Grahams and a dark chocolate square

Hopefully I've given you some fun, new lunch ideas.  If anyone has any suggestions for me as to what to add to my bento box lunches ('cause I'm starting to run low on ideas), I would love to read them in the comments section!


Marisa said...

Love this! My favorite would be hummus in one, lebanese pita in another (the thin kind) and carrots, sliced bell peppers, etc. in another.

Where did you get your box?

The Hungry Monster said...

You had me at hummus ;)
I got it at a local indoor farmers' market.

Lauren said...

Love this box. BTW, your lunches are drool worthy :)