Friday, June 8, 2012

Sort of Skinny Cheese Stuffed Taco Burgers

Happy Friday, bloggy readers!  I got a good one for you today.

This recipe is way too good not to share, despite my hastily taken photos ;)

What?  I was hungry (shocking, I know).
I make lunch over at my parents' house for the family often on Sunday afternoons.  My cheese stuffed burgers are usually requested.

I do have a bit of a secret about these decadent burgers.  They are kind of low fat.  I think I'll keep it to myself and just accept the compliments about the burger in all its deliciousness.

So, I took my basic recipe and vamped it up a bit to make a sort of skinny cheese stuffed taco burger.

This burger was inspired by this incredibly unhealthy looking burger that I pinned on Pinterest a while back: Taco Burger.

Sort of Skinny Cheese Stuffed Taco Burgers
makes 6-8 burgers (depending on how big you want them)

For the burgers:
1 lb extra lean ground beef (90-93% lean)
1 lb 85% lean ground beef
2-3 tbsp taco seasoning
2 tbsp worcestershire sauce
Lauging Cow cheese wedges (I used the new queso fresco & chipotle flavor)

Mix your two meats together with your hands, add in the taco seasoning and worcestershire sauce and combine.  Patty 6-8 burgers and make them really, really thin.  Cut a cheese wedge in half and sort of roll it in a ball.  Place cheese in the middle of super thin patty and fold the patty all around it (making a little pocket).  Smash it down with your hand to make it the size you want it.  The cheese will stay in tact if you are careful ;)

Fire up your grill; I prefer using gas for these burgers.  Put the grill on medium high heat and cook the burgers to your liking.

For assembly:
light buns (we used the Whitewheat brand)
guacamole (I used the 100 cal packs--1/2 a pack for each burger)
taco chips

Assemble your burger by layering bun bottom, guac, burger, lettuce, salsa, crunched up tortilla chips & bun top.

Sooooo good!
See the cheese?  It's calling your name.

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