Monday, December 5, 2011

Ruffled Felt Christmas Tree

This little felt tree was super easy to make, and we will enjoy it for many future Christmases :)

Here's how I made it.

You need:

*A ton of green felt (I used dark and light-get about 8 sheets of each to be safe)
*A styrofoam cone (get it in the garden section-not the craft section-waaay cheaper option), this one is 12" tall
*Yellow felt for the top (with optional embroidery floss + stuffing)

1. Cut out a bunch of circles of green felt.

2. Fold a circle in half twice, then pin in whatever pattern you want onto the tree form.

3. Repeat a gazillion times.

This is a fun craft to do while you are watching a movie or something, as it is sort of time consuming.

If you want to make a star for the top, just cut a 2 stars out of some yellow felt. You can use a template if you want, but I just drew it (not as precise, but more charming, I'm sure). Then stitch it together and stuff it with batting if you want to add some volume.

So cute :)

Craft inspired by Family Circle


BeanBugCrafts said...

I love working with felt! What a great idea, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee! You probably haven't gotten them yet, but I sent you cookies for the FB Cookie Swap! Sorry to ruin the surprise, but I wanted to make sure you don't think I'm a crazy person. In the note I included with the cookies, it says something about ziploc bags or boxes...ignore that. I had them packaged differently before I got to the post office. Anyways, hope you enjoy them! Happy holidays! (Also this felt tree is adorable!)

Renee-The Hungry Monster said...

I have not received them yet, but look forward to them. I would never think you are a crazy person, seeing as how I am somewhat nuts myself!

TheCraftBarn said...

Love it!! I posted a link to this on my blog:

Jennifer @ The Craft Barn