Saturday, October 15, 2011

Technology and a T-Shirt Scarf

I use technology daily as do most non-Amish American people. However, I must have missed something because I am suddenly really bad at computer stuff. Namely networking internet stuff.

Why is Facebook making me feel like an 90 year old lady using a cell phone for the first time? Seriously.

Maybe I am making it harder than it actually is. Maybe I am not hip enough to hang with the cool cats. Okay, that last statement for sure put me in the senior citizen group. I’m going to start hanging out with nothing but old people. They know where it is at.

Ugh, so, FB if you are listening, I am over you. I don’t get how to link my blog to you or how to add a “like” button. I don't get it and frankly I don't really wanna get it anymore.

I am going to promote my blog the old fashioned way. I am going to make cold calls on a rotary phone and wear a sandwich board in the mall. That’s how it must be done, because clearly you cannot teach this old dog new tricks.

Whatever. I am good at email and posting hilarious cat pictures online. That’s all I need in life, really. Well, that and cake.

Here’s a fun craft to use a worn-out or somehow un-wearable t-shirt.

My poor workout shirt has a hole under the arm, which would not normally be a big deal, but when I’m in Fusion Fitness class and I catch a glimpse of myself in the wall of mirrors, I fear I look like a hobo.

So this shirt is getting a makeover.

All you need is a t-shirt, scissors and hot glue (or you can sew this closed, if that is your thing).

Lay your tee down and cut strips, keeping them connected. Stop at the pits. Here’s a diagram:

Wrap a piece of scrap around to close it and hot glue it.

Put it on and strut your stuff.

Awesome--a t-shirt necklace scarf just for you!
Craft idea from: Cut out and Keep


Angela said...

What a great idea. I have a ton of t shirts just waiting for a project. Thanks for following me. I just returned the favor.

Kelley @ said...

FB is annoying! They keep changing everything. I had a melt down today because I couldnt figure out how to post pictures with the new layout. Oh well.. love the scarf. :)