Thursday, September 29, 2011

Twine Orbs

Wow, I must be lacking in creativity because I was about to entitle this post "string balls." I think twine orbs is classier, no?

This is a pretty decoration to put in different places around the house. I think I'll spray paint mine blue, black and white and hang them from the ceiling in my craft room. They look good au natural also. You could use colored string or yarn, also, but I felt my craft store was lacking in the colors I had in mind.

You know they sell decorative string orbs in the stores, but this project cost me about 7 bucks. And you can probably make 5 orbs with these supplies. I made 3.

Here's my supplies (sort of)

Ok, this was a trial and error sort of thing. I started by putting the twine in watered down glue and wrapping around the balloon. Not good. The string kept getting tangly and the balloon was slippery.

So I scrapped that and thought of this gem:

So, your supplies should really omit the glue and go for the hair spray. And don't be afraid to spray the heck out of these balls. Spray them like you are styling your hair for a Bon Jovi concert circa 1989.

I wrapped the twine dry around the inflated balloons (I taped the beginning part of the string to the balloon to keep it in place), then sprayed 2 coats of hair spray and popped my balloons after they dried.

What a super quick and easy craft to decorate your home!

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Screaming Sardine said...

Oh, wow, what a great idea using hairspray! And heck, if it can hold up Bon Jovi's hair in the 80s, it can hold twine!

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Tracy Screaming Sardine