Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to Make a Gallery Wall

Wow, I have been a blogging slacker for the past week. I have an excuse, though. We moved into our new house this past weekend and our Internet has not been hooked up yet. By the way, love love love the new house. So many awesome things about it.

It's kind of fun, too, to unpack and find things you forgot you had. So far, I have found a pair of shoes I thought I lost on vacation years ago and learned that I have about a gazillion spices. Also, I'm apparently a collector of random art and pictures. None of my pictures go together which poses a problem in a house full of empty walls. In an apartment, we had limited wall space, so I usually just hung one picture per wall or the wall was obstructed by furniture. Well, my point is that I have alot of walls to fill.

Look at this sad wall

I decided to make a gallery wall with some random pieces.

Here's what I used

So, first you kind of arrange your pics on the floor (check that awesome carpet).
Then you lay your pictures on your paper, trace them and cut them out. I used a brown wrapping paper. You can use whatever you have around the house. I even ran out of this and had to use some snowman paper for one picture.

Make your arrangement on the wall with the cut paper and tape them up. I used packing tape because we have a stock pile, but you can use painter's tape or masking tape if you are worried about peeling paint (I did not have a problem with that, though).

Once you are okay with your design, nail right through the paper where your hang-y thingies are (those are technical terms, people). Then rip off the paper and hang your pics.

Yay! Gallery style :)

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Heather said...

You know, I've seen people use the brown paper cutouts before, but only to decide on layout. I never thought of using the cutouts to put the nails in the right place and I'm definitely going to do that when I put up my own gallery wall. Thanks for sharing!