Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Marble Fingernails D.I.Y.

This nail art was far less complicated than I anticipated. I set out to do tie-dye nails, like the ones I saw here.
What I ended up with looked more like a marbling effect, which was still cool. I think it is the colors I chose.

Anyways, this was fun and I liked how each nail turned out differently.

Here are the materials you need to marble your fingernails:

*Nail polish (I used 6 colors + a top coat)
*Polish remover and cotton balls
*Container 3/4 full of water (I was going to use this glass bowl, but ended up using a paper cup)
*Wooden stick or toothpick
*Paper towels (not pictured)
*Trash bag (not pictured-but if you are messy like me, you'll want to lay all this stuff down on a trash bag for easy clean up)

Start by painting a clear coat (or you could use white) on your nails. Tape off your cuticles once that is dry.
I really employed the use of my tape heavily and I am glad that I did, because I did not get much on my skin at all. I'd suggest doing the left hand first, then after you finish the whole thing doing your right. That way you are not without hands in case the phone rings or whatever.

Then fill your container 3/4 full of tap water (if you have not already done this) and start dropping in nail polish. It should spread out and look kind of watered down. Drop each new color in the center of the bulls eye.

Swirl your bulls eye with your wooden stick or toothpick.

Dip your first fingernail in with the fingernail face down into the polish design. This video illustrates it nicely:

Then use the stick to pull out the dried polish and do another bulls eye for each finger. When I read these instructions, I thought this would take forever, but it goes really fast.

Take off the tape and admire your nails.

Don't be jealous of my awesome flip phone! Ha ha. Maybe they will make a comeback one day!

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