Friday, April 26, 2013

What I Pinned..Friday

Just popping in to say a quick hello on this lovely Friday.  I have so many projects swimming around in my head lately and not much extra time to do them in.

I've been trying to use a planning calendar for such things, but man...sometimes it just doesn't get done.

Well, these are some things that I've "pinned" to get done.

You can find the source for all on my Pinterest page.

These beautiful dip dyed napkins!
These are so bright and beautiful.  I think I need some cloth napkins in my life.  Or they would be a great housewarming gift!

Goat Cheese Guacamole?  Yes, please!
This guac has been on my mind for a couple days.  I love avocado and goat cheese together on sandwiches, so I don't see how you can go wrong with this appetizer!

A vertical flower garden!
I have a black (ish) thumb, but have a desire to get outside and make my yard beautiful.  I think this is just adorable.  Plus, it would make a cool gift for Mothers' Day, which will be here soon!

DIY Patterned Leggings!
This geometric pattern rocks my socks.  I was at Burlington the other day and they have whole racks of just leggings.  Methinks I need to buy a couple cheap pairs and make some running capris!  Oh, yeah...and start running again.  Yes.  That is on the list!

DIY Wall Art Using Instagram Prints!
I've been jonesing to make this little picture collage of sorts, so I just ordered some Instagram prints from Foxgram....only 25 cents a print.  Can't beat that!

Enchilada Pizza!
This can actually be on my "To DONE" list, because I made this pizza 2 or 3 weeks ago and it was even more delicious than the picture looks...and we all know that picture looks delicious.  Do it!

Gin and tonics have been my favorite cocktail lately.  With much lime.  But, this spring-y twist on things must happen.  Soon!

You like how I overused my yearly quota of exclamation points?!  I'm just excited it's Friday!

Happy Weekend, All!

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