Monday, April 22, 2013

Photo-An-Hour from 4-20-13

Happy Monday, everyone!

I decided to do another photo an hour on my Instagram this past Saturday.

I thought I'd share the pics with you.

Because I like you.

8 a.m.
 Boscoe (the cat) woke me up with loud meows around 7:45 a.m..  By 8, I made my way to the kitchen to have some cuddles with Bizzy the dog.  She loves her morning cuddles (although the picture does not depict that).

9 a.m.
Every bone in my body wanted to hibernate on the couch, but I got my butt to exercise class by 9 a.m.  I was glad I did after it was all said and done.

10 a.m.
I had some outside time with my guy and enjoyed a cup of coffee before heading in to get cleaned up.

11 a.m.
Pretty spring weather and a planned trip to the farmers' market prompted me to put on a colorful maxi skirt.
I made this skirt by cutting the top part off a clearance maxi dress I bought last year.  Not exactly masterful sewing, but I liked how it turned out.
Here's another picture of it, although this was not part of the photo-an-hour posting:
Pay no attention to my hair that is sticking up ;)

12 p.m.
We stopped at a food truck after perusing the farmers' market and got some bison tacos and gourmet grilled cheese to split.  It hit the spot!

1 p.m.
We took a quick detour on the way back home to take a silly photo shoot.  We got some strange looks.

2 p.m.
Back home to change into walking gear, I had to seek out Baby the Cat.  She was sunning in the home gym. She loves any opportunity to get her picture taken.

3 p.m.
I love these white ducks at our neighborhood park.  They are so cute and love when people feed them bread.  I did not feed them...just took pictures of their cute little tails and sang the Duck Tales theme song to them.  They were not amused.

4 p.m.
I guess it's just a dog thing to take any opportunity to get dirty and stinky, because Bizzy has been rolling around outside all week.  She got her weekly bath in the sink.  She was thrilled.  Can't you tell?

5 p.m.
I had to include Boscoe in my pics, but he flat out refused to participate.  Oh well, he's cute sleeping in a there you go.

6 p.m.
We met up with some friends at a Mexican restaurant and I had a "margarona."  It was perfection.  I also had a salmon wrap and a million gazillion tortilla chips.  I did not photograph those.

7 p.m.
 My sweet friends, Amanda (above) and Brigitte thoughtfully got me tickets for my birthday to attend a reading by one of my favorite authors, David Sedaris.

8 p.m.
This is the worst picture ever!  Ha!  I snapped it just as the lights went out and the spotlight just made David Sedaris look like a ghost.  Oh well.

It was a great day!

Thanks for looking at my pictures.  I had fun taking them :)

See you for What I Ate Wednesday!!!

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