Friday, July 20, 2012

Baby Shower Fun!

I don't usually feature parties on the blog.  But, I'll make an exception for my sweet, little (alright, she's grown now) cousin.  The aunts, cousins & grandmamas came together last weekend to throw an impromptu baby shower and they had some great ideas!
So, let's get into it.
We sort of had a tie dye theme, because lil momma is not that into all things frilly and pink.  I totally feel her on that!  So here's the tie dye table.  My cutie cuz, Chelsea made some rainbow cupcakes & my aunts made some cool things, too.

 Diaper Motorcycle!
I'm sure you have all heard of diaper cakes, but diaper motorcycles are where it's at.  Didn't my Aunt Norm do a lovely job? There is a cute little tutorial here if you are into it.

Money Tree!
Money on a tree is alright with me.  My Aunt Amy put together a darling money tree with baby socks to hold the money.  So cool!

I can't think of a prettier food than these fruit kabobs.  Holy moly!  Great job, Aunt Jean ;)

 To continue the tie-dye theme, we actually tie dyed some onesies for little baby Aurora and hung them on a string.

 There's that cute, lil' momma now.  Congratulations, Sarah!
 Last, but not least, here's an awesome quilt my Aunt Norm made using fabric from other members of the family.
Such a fun shower!  I like that it didn't get too frilly and that there was no gross diaper game where you try to guess what candy is in the diaper.  Ick.  Nobody do that.  Ever.  Ok?

Have a nice weekend!!


Milie said...

I know somebody don't like money tree at a shower but I never see the problem. It doesn't bother me one bit. Erything looks great

curtis03 Lewis said...

Baby Shower Fun! Sounds so good and is extremely beautiful too. My sister is expecting twins and I too made her day very enjoyable by hosting the Mickey Mouse themed outdoor party at the prettiest garden event venue in LA. The food was all vegan and all of the guests loved it.