Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIAW: Fall Veggie Chili

Peas and Crayons

Well, howdy folks!  Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.
Let's talk about some food stuff, okay?

Breakfast, Part 1: Kind Bar
Before 5 a.m. boot camp, I enjoyed a lovely bar.  I saw this new (to me, anyways) Kind bar at Kroger this week and had to get it.  I love the flavor combo of cinnamon, chocolate and pecans.  Definitely a winner.

Breakfast, Part 2: Scone, Fruit Smoothie, Iced Latte
A little later on, I made a fruity protein smoothie (made with frozen mixed berries, a frozen banana, some frozen peach slices, a scoop of protein powder an some almond milk) and ate a leftover cinnamon stuffed scone from a brunch on Sunday.  I used this recipe, but used butterscotch chips in place of chocolate chips.  They were pretty killer.  Here's an up close view.
For my iced latte, I brewed some super strong coffee, added my pumpkin spice syrup, sweetener and almond milk & poured it over ice--yum!

Morning Snack: Carrots & Hummus
This morning's snack was pretty good.  I think red pepper hummus is my favorite flavor.

A short time after, I had a 10 calorie lemonade energy drink while I caught up on some very important work stuff ;)

Lunch: Wrap & Veg
Before eating lunch, I went on a run in the neighborhood around work.  I just had to take advantage of the cooler weather.  You know what I decided is my favorite thing about running?  I love how I think I can't do it...and then I totally do it.  That is a cool feeling.
Anywho, for lunch I made a wrap using a low carb wrap, a little dijon mustard, 1 slice of pastrami, 2 slices of turkey and 2 slices of light provolone.  Then I had a double serving of roasted zucchini on the side.  So filling!
Afternoon Snack: Fruit!
I snacked on a bit of this fruit salad that I made for the same brunch I mentioned above.  I brought the rest to work and have been snacking on it here and there.  The mix includes fresh pineapple, strawberries, red grapes and canned mandarin oranges.  I would have thrown blueberries in the mix, but boy has the price gone up on those suckers!

Dinner: Veggie Chili
I finally satisfied my chili craving with some impromptu chili!
Here's how I made it:

Veggie Chili
serves 4-6

1 lb lean ground meat
olive oil to coat pan
1/3 cup tomato paste
1/2 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp chili powder
1 can white beans
3 carrots, peeled and chopped
1 large zucchini, chopped
1 cup chopped mushrooms
1/2 small onion, diced
1/2 green pepper, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
salt & pepper

Brown the meat in a little oil (I also add a little water when it starts to stick), season with a bit of seasoning.  Remove from pot.  Add chopped onion and green pepper and sautee for about 5 minutes.  Add minced garlic and carrots and cook for another 5 minutes.  Add some liquid from the meat if it starts to stick.  Throw in the rest of the seasoning.  Add zucchini and cook for about 2 minutes before adding mushrooms.  Cook for an additional 2 minutes and then dump the meat back in there.  Add the can of beans and tomato paste.  Fill up the can from the beans with water & put that in there, too.

That's about it.  Adjust seasoning to taste.
I served mine with a piece of bread I toasted in an oiled pan.  That black junk is fresh garlic and oregano.

While I cooked, Baby the Cat sat on the Target bags I had just unpacked.  What can I say?  That girl loves her some Target!
And Boscoe lounged on his favorite chair!  (That's not a grumpy face at all..)
You're welcome, for giving you an update on my cats' evening, also ;)

Ok, have a good week, all!
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I love veggie chilli - its always so satisfying and comforting!