Monday, August 1, 2011

Super Quick Energy Breakfast for Facing Monday

Garfield and I are on the same page about Mondays. I concur that Mondays are stupid and I also would like to cover my head with my blanket and stay in bed. Unfortunately, Garfield, sometimes you just have to face the Monday head on. It’s funny, I’m a morning person every other day of the week, except Monday. So, I needed a special breakfast to put some pep in my step today.

Here’s some stuff you would need if attempting to recreate this breakfast:

1 Nutrigrain reduced fat mulit-grain waffle
Reduced fat peanut butter (Skippy super chunk is the best!)
Banana (spots optional)
Almond milk
Greek yogurt
Honey (I used sugar free, but real honey would probably be better for energy)

Pop your waffle in the toaster and reserve ½ of the banana for the waffle. Put the other ½ banana in the blender, add 4 or 5 strawberries, ½ the container of yogurt, ½ cup almond milk, drizzle of honey and a handful of ice (if you like) in your blender.

Blend it up. Oh, and drink a giant bowl of coffee, like me. It’s helpful to face the day.
Top your waffle with peanut butter and sliced half banana.
And, tad a! Energy breakfast with all the good stuff to get your metabolism revved up: fruit, dairy, protein and grains. Yum!

This would be great with the addition of pineapple, blueberries or mango, but I just used what I had on hand...

I thought it would be nice to enjoy my energy breakfast on the balcony, but then I checked the weather. Apparently the temps are going to rival that of the surface of the sun, so I just sat indoors by the window.

Have a happy Monday!

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